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  Golf  -- We have taken up the "national pastime of GOLF. Brad has been doing OK. Marge, however, is the most improved player in North Texas.

  Scuba -- Brad is an active SCUBA diver. His travels have allowed him to dive at a number of sites. Some SCUBA related notes are found on the SCUBA page.

  Genealogy -- It all began with a seemingly simple request from my daughter just before her wedding - "Say", she said, "perhaps you could construct a family tree for me". Well that is far more difficult than it seems for this clan. So after a lot of searching, a lot of reading, joining a few news groups, and a lot of help from others we have discovered a few tid-bits. We have done our best to be careful and accurate but that is not to say the data is error free so ... "reader be ware".  Here is a little of the family history.

NOTE - This data is copyrighted so please use this data in a careful and constructive manner.

  North Pole Village - Collectibles -- Perhaps we are a family of pack rats. For example, we collect Department 56 - North Pole Village pieces. Currently we are looking for:

If anyone can help us it would be greatly appreciated.    

  Jaguar XKE -- We have a 1971 XKE - V12 in the garage. It is still undergoing some heavy engine work and other make ready tasks before it's summer debut. 

  Travel -- Here we have placed some photos of spots we have visited and enjoyed.  Hope you do as well.

    Survey Form -- An interactive survey form that can be used to pass me information and / or to rate the site.

  Some Hot Links -- Here are some of the hot spots on the web.

   Drop me a note -- If you have questions, items of interest you wish to share or just want to send a message - here is the place.

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